Quality policy

Quality policy

Stability of the company and the standard of living of our employees and their families

 depend on the quality of our work


Drive Eco HOME the quality management system is certified according to the requirements of the ISO standard.

Scope of certification – production of wooden panel houses.

Our key goals:

  • increasing the market share and attracting new clients, by designing, manufacturing and erecting wooden panel houses meeting the clients requirements;
  • building a company with impeccable good reputation;
  • balancing the service quality, client satisfaction and the company economic interests.

Our activity key principles in achieving the goals:

  • manufacturing wooden panel houses in the required quality, involving the required number of persons and at the set period of time;
  • identifying the clients’ current and future needs for wooden panel houses and meeting those needs;
  • achieving maximum staff satisfaction with their work, by offering the employees development opportunities, applying the management style based on mutual respect;
  • carrying out staff training required for their professional qualification on a regular basis.

Drive Eco HOME management undertakes to ensure the required resources for effective and efficient functioning of the quality management system.

In our work, we are focusing on continuous improvement of the management systems.