Our promise to you: 
stability of the Drive Eco HOME and the standard of living of our employees and their families depend on the quality of our work.


The main value of Drive Eco HOME is the people making our team. Our company employs competent professionals who perform the job tasks assigned to them in good quality and with a high sense of responsibility.

Your safety and environment

Your world is your home. We treat with a high responsibility our duty of taking care of the safety and health of you and your children, simultaneously limiting our effect on the environment.

Value creation

We create new workplaces, pass over knowledge, as well as to make an investment in the public sector. We improve our supply chain and fair competition policy.

Socially responsible business

Our reputation is important to us. We are aware as a result our development and cost effectiveness is directly influenced by the way our employees are performing in the Drive Eco HOME and with our cooperation partners. It is important for us to adhere to the highest standards of ethics in order to earn the respect of our clients and cooperation partners.

Member of the Board
Aļesja Zvejniece