Different wood construction solutions

Drive Eco HOME offers different wood construction solutions:

  • wood panel systems manufacturing;
  • wood module systems manufacturing;
  • SIP panel manufacturing;
  • floating structure manufacturing;
  • design element manufacturing.

Drive Eco HOME manufactures universal wood panel systems (closed-type), resulting in efficient and economic logistics when transporting the manufactured constructions to a building site.

Environmental impact – 70% less pollution level during the construction process. That means we do not create any construction waste when erecting a house.

The overall construction cycle length from the idea till placement of furniture is ~ 50% shorter if compared to the traditional construction.

Reduced foundation construction costs – lighter foundation is required and that means up to 30% less expenses compared to the traditional construction.

Reduced product transportation costs and more comfortable technical assembly process.

Wood panel and modular houses gains better results in seismic tests compared with tradicional types of construction.